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2014年第八届Wacom创意绘画大赛评委专访之Adrian Smith

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由 Wacom主办的2014年第八届Wacom创意绘画大赛时间都去哪儿了?正在火热进行中。作为承办方的leewiART国际数字图形艺术机构有 幸对此次大赛评委之一,当代幻想艺术大师Adrian Smith先生,进行独家专访 。他凭借为《战锤》系列创作的精彩设定享誉业界,与许多

由 Wacom主办的2014年第八届Wacom创意绘画大赛——“时间都去哪儿了?”正在火热进行中。作为承办方的leewiART国际数字图形艺术机构有 幸对此次大赛评委之一,当代幻想艺术大师Adrian Smith先生,进行独家专访 。他凭借为《战锤》系列创作的精彩设定享誉业界,与许多知名企业如THQ、EA、 UBISOFT、VIVENDI UNIVERSA等合作开发过多款经典游戏项目。

A=Adrian Smith

A: the first and most obvious impression was the standard of work. the talent in China is superb. it is always a pleasure for me to see new artists emerge from the Chinese gaming industry.

A:‘the loss of time’ is a very open brief. i do not think any suggestions from me will be needed. this title will inspire a huge variety of differing ideas, themes and characters. the first thing i thought was how ‘time’ is the enemy of most artists…..there is never enough time in the day to complete what we wish.

A:if an artist enjoys what he or she does, then creativity is rarely a problem. the problem is finding the time to do all the creative things we want to do. the real thing needed for an artist is discipline. the discipline to know when to start and also when to stop. a very nice image can be spoilt if the artist goes a little too far or stops a little too soon. so we must be able to know when to stop. many young artists have the tendency to ‘overwork’ their images with too many focal points etc. sometimes less is more ;)

A:yes i do. i actually try to do both. i will sometimes draw traditionally and even put a few washes of colour or shading before i scan or photograph it and import it into photoshop. this way i keep my traditional skills honed and also have the finished thing in digital format with all the benefits that may bring.

A:patience, persistence, discipline and of course, have fun!

Adrian Smith介绍

i have been a professional illustrator since i was 18. my first commission was for a then young 'games workshop'. my first ever paid work was for the book 'lost and the damned', for games workshops 'warhammer' range. i worked with GW for a year or so before going out into the big wide world of freelancing. after lots of ups and downs with my career i eventually started to get a name for myself and my work started to become more recognised by the industry in general.   over this time i have been lucky enough to work with many big gaming industry names. from the big boys well known to many, such as THQ, EA, UBISOFT, VIVENDI UNIVERSAL, GAMELOFT, and other games companies. publishers around the world including 'Seoul visual works', based in south Korea, for whom i worked on a trilogy of books written by mangha artist Hyung Min Woo and also a big book of compiled sketches from my sketchbooks and portfolios. comic work for french publishers alongside Pat Mills, comic writer and more. 
recentlyi have been working closely with a great company called 'Guillotine games'. this has been a real turning point for me and ive been lucky enough to be given free reign and able to art direct myself. many exciting project are now being worked on.  in my spare time i have devoted myself to working on my 'HATE' IP. graphic novels and merchandise. this is and will be a long term project.

我从18岁起便开始作职业插画师。我的第一个客户是一个当时刚创立不久的“游戏工作室”(games workshop)。我的第一份固定工作是为图书《迷失与被诅咒者》(lost and the damned)做插画,这本书是该工作室的游戏《战锤》(warhammer)的一部分。我在游戏工作室工作了一年左右,便开始了自由插画师的生涯。经历了不少挫折之后,我渐渐赢得了一些名声,我的作品也慢慢被业界所认可。在这个过程中,我有幸与一些大型的游戏公司合作。这些公司包括大名鼎鼎的THQ, EA, UBISOFT, VIVENDI UNIVERSAL, GAMELOFT等等,除此外还有其他一些游戏公司。在出版方面,韩国的“首尔视觉工作室”(Seoul visual works)出版过一套我与漫画艺术家邢民友(Hyung Min Woo)共同创作的三部曲系列和一本我的速写稿及作品合集,这本书很厚。法国的出版商也出版过我与英国漫画家Pat Mills合作的漫画作品。
最近我在与一家名为“断头台游戏工作室”(Guillotine games)的游戏公司密切合作。这对我而言是个很重要的转折点,我终于幸运地能够拥有主导权来决定作品的艺术风格了。我们现在有很多令人激动的项目都在进行中。在业余时间,我投身于'HATE' IP的创作,这是一系列图画小说,也是一个商业作品。它现在和将来都会是一个长期项目。



i would like to extend my thanks to leewiART and its members for inviting me to this exciting event. i would also like to thank in advance all the entrants to this fine competition. i very much look forward to seeing the entries as i know from experience that some of the best talents today are coming from this part of the world. so good luck everyone and most importantly, enjoy yourselves.